Åkes' AGA booster Pictures

The AGA high pressure gas booster, article no 122.399.003 is a double acting piston design resembling the Draeger booster U200.  

The unit in the pictures below is used for gas (O2, Ar, and He) pumping in one of the dive shops in Stockholm, www.divex.se. (* The gas mixing station in itself is almost worth a visit if you come to Stockholm! And ask politely and you might be allowed to see the (clinically clean) compressor room! *)

The booster has self lubricating collar seals around the piston. The piston diameter is about 15mm. The stroke rate about 90/min. Stroke length about 10cm. Capacity - very decent

My intention is to add more information to the AGA booster page later.

The booster is mounted vertically on a very stable welded frame ( not original...). The electric motor and drive piston rod is seen low in the picture.
Gas intake through the steel braided hose to the left. Gas outlet goes to the gas mixing panel shown on the www.divex.se.
The power source, an (about) 1.5 kW electric motor and gear box.
The ID plate, art no 122.399.003, S/N 187 (where did all the others go?)

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