Åkes' Gas Connector Drawing Page

The following pictures are the mechanical drawings for a few DIN gas (Air and Oxygen) connector as of 1989. 

All dimension in the pictures/drawing below are in [mm]. The connectors are according to the DIN 477 part 1 (200 bar) and the DIN 477 part 5 (300  bar). The threads are ISO 228-1.

Note that the Air 200 bar tank valve will accept both 200 and 300 bar regulators. The fill connector (not shown below) has a axially centred (about) 5 mm protrusion that prevents the connector from sealing in a 200 bar tank valve.

This is the 200 bar AIR tank valve. 

The thread is an ISO 228-1 R5/8 pipe thread.

The AIR regulator 200 bar connector.

The thread is the R5/8.

In general, an O-ring 11.3*2.4 mm (same as shown for the 300 bar below) is used instead of the sealing washer indicate din the picture.


Some Swedish:
Blindplugg = "Blinding plug"
Tätningsring ="sealing ring"




This is the 300 bar AIR tank valve. 

The Thread is an ISO 228-1 R5/8 pipe thread.


(the sentence about "Ventilanslutningen skall vara..." relates to the valve to tank thread that shall be M18*1,5 or M25*2.)

The AIR regulator 300 bar connector.

The thread is the R5/8.

The O-ring shall be 11.3*2.4mm

The 200 bar DIN Oxygen tank valve connector.

The outer diameter (d) shall be a Whitworth 21.8 mm 14 threads per inch, right handed.
The inner diameter (0D) shall be 13 mm



Some Swedish:

Namn = "Name"
Beteckning =  "abbreviation"
Ytter-diameter = "Outer diameter"
Stigning, antal gängor per tum = "# threads / inch"
Gäng riktning = "direction of the threads"
Vänster = "Left"
Höger = "Right"

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