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When I was young(er) and still working in the diving industry I learned that the paramagnetic sensors were the state of the art, but... also that they were annoyingly expensive. 

Somewhat later in my career I stumbled upon a bunch of hardly used prototype medical devices on their way to destruction. I quickly got a pair of pliers and a screwdriver out (Thanks Leatherman!) and stripped the devices from a now no longer needed component - a number of servomex paramagnetic sensors - the paramagnetic Servomex 1111D. Since then I have built a quite few analysers with various kinds of sensors, both paramagnetic and fuel cells.

This page is intended to present some of the analyzer designs as well as more general gas analyzer information.


Home brew (Oxygen) Analyzers

An intro to Oxygen Analyzers A short intro to various Oxygen (and other gases) analying techniques. Paramagnetic, Fuel cells etc. 
Coming Soon

Description and Dissection if a Fuel cell

A tear down of an oxygen cell

Analogue Paramagnetic sensor  *UPDATED* more pics

Analogue sensors based on the Servomex 1111/D

Digital Paramagnetic sensor

Digital paramagnetic sensor, Servomex ParaCube and Palm PDA

Digital Fuel cell

Fuel cell, pre-amp, MELD A/D converter and Palm PDA

CO2 analyser for RB use My latest design project, Built from scratch, will take time. Uses an Infra red source and two IR sensor sensitive to different wavelengths. Coming some day.

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