Pictures on Peders "SMIDA" a Kiss style Closed Circuit Rebreather

The design of the "SMIDA" probably started at the same time as the Willie (see the Willie page) was built. The SMIDA is based on the chassis and parts of the breathing loop of a Russian IDA 71 which was purchased in the summer of 2002. The rebuild / modification was started during the autumn of 2002. The name SMIDA is an acronym for Seippels Modified IDA. Some of the design ideas are refined from Dave Suttons Franken rig found at

A Kiss style CCR is a manually flown mixed gas CCR that has a small constant mass flow of oxygen added to the loop to increase the time between manual gas additions.

The proud owner, designer, and manufacturer of the SMIDA  is mr Peder Seippel, a dedicated diver living in Stockholm, Sweden. He can be contacted at Make sure you check out his page at

The unit with cover on, both the upper and lower housings are repainted in a more visible (and good looking?) bright yellow colour.

Two 2.5 L steel cylinders with Poseidon valves are used to supply diluent and oxygen to the SMIDA.

A bar protecting the valves and allowing the unit to be placed on the end is to be added during the spring.

The original IDA harness is removed completely and a  Dive Rite Transpac is used as  harness and secondary buoyancy control device.
Without the cover. Only one of the two canisters originally used in the IDA has been kept. The plugged connectors for the second canister are visible above the left tank.


Two Draeger P-port are used to connect 1 + 2 oxygen sensors into the breathing bag.

The diluent is fed to the original demand valve. The valve is modified with a press button a la Dave Sutton (see again) to allow its use for manual bypass. The original IDA over pressure valve is kept as well.
The oxygen sensors to be inserted into the P-ports are a mixture of  R22HO (can be purchased from and PSR-11-75D (similar to the K1 but with longer life time, available from RC Dive Technology   The primary readout will be one of Peders' PIC processor designs for 2 oxygen sensors with auto calibration and audible alarms for high and low PO2. The secondary oxygen readout device houses an original Mk15 analogue volt meter purchased from Kevin Juergensen (


The diluent gas block. In this version the diluent is used for suit insufflation, wing supply as well as for an OC bailout demand valve.
The oxygen tank to the right with a non-ambient referenced APEX DS4 feeding a KISS valve (see

The KISS is seen to the right lying on the floor, it combines a constant mass flow (i.e. choked flow) orifice and a manual bypass valve.

The diluent tank to the left has a standard ambient referenced APEX DS4.

The two gas addition lines, the original stainless steel tubes were cut and Swagelok fittings ( were used to connect fitting for ordinary dry-suit quick connectors.

The right line feeds oxygen directly into the loop from the KISS valve assembly. The left one supplies the original IDA demand valve with diluent.

The unit is equipped with Draeger Ray hoses and DSV.


 the SMIDA in real life - TO BE ADDED (-:

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