Åkes' Rebreather Related Page - Update History

The following list presents the update history of these pages, latest revision first.

2007-05-23 Added a page with pics on The VASA
2006-05-16 Added a page with a few more Mallorcan bicycling pics
2006-04-27 Removed the RB day stuff and added a page with bicykling pics from Mallorca
2005-11-17 Added an invitation and description for the Swedish RB day 2005
2004-09-25 Added a very first version of the DCSC teardown page
2004-09-25 Reworked the structure of the site completely, improved the Updates page with links to the added pages.
2004-09-21 Added the first version of the general CMF SCR technical page
2004-09-21 Added a page with photos and a description of the Seahawk
2004-09-19 Moved all the pages to a new domain - www.teknosofen.com
2003-03-24 Added a link to the RB site @nwdesigns.com, 
2003-03-23 Fixed some left over Swedish words and broken patent links on the AGA Dual Oxymatic page.
2003-03-23 Added the analysis and description of the Draeger SM 1
2003-03-22 Added a first version of the Draeger self mixing rebreather SM1
2003-03-21 Added a first version of the AGA Dual Oxymatic page
2003-03-21 Updated the SMIDA page with improved pictures
2003-03-20 Modified the DCSC dosage clarification page to reduce its size (from 1.8Mb down to ca 85kb...)
2003-03-09 Added a page with photos and descriptions on Peders´ Kiss style CCR RB "SMIDA", removed the Merry C page
2003-01-27 Added a banner/link to the Scandinavian RB forum page
2002-12-24 Added a temporary "Merry X-mas" page
2002-10-16 Removed a temporary page for the RB meeting in Stockholm
2002-09-17 Added a page (in Swedish) describing an incident/accident with an RB
2002-09-17 Added a temporary page for the RB meeting in Stockholm
2002-09-12 Added pictures of DSV and hoses to the FGG page
2002-08-18 Added a page with photos and descriptions on Peders´CMF SCR RB "Willie"
2002-07-15 Added a Fuel cell description and dissection page
2002-05-03 Added operations and service manuals to the Draeger FGG III page
2002-05-03 Added operations and service manuals to the Draeger Norge page
2002-05-03 Added a "Too Much Oxygen" experience page (in Swedish)
2002-03-17 Added a short page to clarify the DCSC dosage mechanism
2002-03-02 Added a short gas flow page containing a good link...
2002-02-17 Added a "AGA booster" picture page
2002-02-02 Added a "DIN connectors page"
2002-01-27 Added an "Interspiro Oxydive" picture page, corrected equation typo on the DC55 page
2002-01-22 Added a "Herr Dräger" page
2002-01-19 Added a main oxygen analyser page, revised the DC55 page slightly.
2002-01-17 Added a technical page on the Spirotechnique DC55
2002-01-15 Added some text and more pictures to the Norge II page.
2002-01-13 Changed the layout of some pages and corrected some more typos.
2002-01-13 Fixed a path probem on the DCSC tech pages affecting Netscape and a few typos.
2002-01-12 Added pictures on the DCSC and the Norge II
2002-01-12 Added FGG pictures
2002-01-10 Added the DCSC technical pages
2002-01-08 The creation of the pages

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