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 This page is intended to present information related to rebreathers. As of today the pages contain description and pictures of various gas analysers, technical descriptions of rebreathers and their function as well as a collection of photos and manuals of a few rarely seen rebreathers.

 The pages contain large pictures that can take some time to load, have patience.

If you want more information please drop me a mail and I will see what I can do.

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Home brew (Oxygen) Analyzers

Åkes Oxygen Analyzer Page

A page on the analysis of Oxygen and other diving relevant gases.


The Rebreather Technical Pages

The CMF SCR  ** NEW **

A technical page on the Constant Mass Flow Semi Closed Rebreather
The Interspiro DCSC A technical page on the Interspiro DCSC Mine clearance rebreather
The DCSC dosage regulator A few clarifying comments and drawings on the DCSC dosage regulator

The DC55 gas addition   

A theoretical analysis of the volume ratio gas addition system. Similar to the Halcyon 80.

The Self-mixing SCR   An analysis and description of the self-mixing Semi-closed rebreather
DIN Connector Drawings   Drawings of the 200 and 300 bar DIN Air connectors as well as the DIN O2 connector
Flow through an orifice How does critical flow through an orifice work? How does it depend on pressures, how to calculate the orifice area? etc. etc. 


Rebreather Pictures

The Interspiro DCSC

Pictures on the Interspiro DCSC Mine clearance SC rebreather

The Interspiro DSCS tear down ** NEW ** Detailed pictures of the DCSC tear down. Not complete but a few selected pics.
The Interspiro Oxydive   Pictures on the Interspiro Oxydive O2 CCR rebreather
The AGA Dual Oxymatic Pictures and description of an early 1960's O2 CCR made by AGA

The Dräger FGG III 

Pictures on the Dräger FGG III heliox SC rebreather, Service manual as well

The Dräger Norge II   

Pictures on the Dräger Norge II  O2 CCR rebreather, Service and operators manual as well!

The Dräger SM 1 ** Updated ** Pictures  and description  of a Dräger 1960's mechanical self mixing SCR rebreather
Peders' "Willie" CMF SCR Pictures on "Willie" a home brew CMF SCR RB made by Peder Seippel
Peders' "SMIDA" Kiss style CCR   Pictures on "SMIDA" a home brew Kiss style CCR RB made by Peder Seippel
Dahlstedts' Seahawk ** NEW ** Pictures on the "Seahawk" a homemade O2 CCR or CMF SCR whichever you need at the moment!
Åkes Mixed gas CCR Draeger Norge ** Coming ** Pictures and design description of a CCR converted Draeger Norge II


Other pictures
The Herr Dräger O2 Booster   Pictures on the electric O2 booster U200 from Dräger
The AGA booster Pictures on the AGA electric O2 booster


Other stuff
Too much O2     A description of a hyperoxic event, in Swedish
RB incidenten våren 2002  The RB incident/accident in Stockholm spring 2002, in Swedish
Scandinavian RB Discussion Forum - Share YOUR  Views!
The RB website If you haven't seen the site and joined _THE_ RB list - DO IT!
Mallorca 2006 A collection of photos from a week of bicycling on Mallorca
Mallorca 2006 part 2 Some more bicycling photos from Mallorca 2006
Regalskeppet Vasa Some photos from inside the Vasa autumn 2005

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Once upon a time the original layout was borrowed from Dave Suttons' Rebreather tear-down pages @ www.nobubblediving.com.

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